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Under 14 Girls

2014 Program Staff

Head Coach: Paula Jansen
Assistant Coach: Phil Cole
Assistant Coach: Shane Wallace
Assistant Coach: Kate Rhodes
Development Coach: Taylor Wallace
Manager: Fiona Wright

2014 Development Program

REGISTRATION via the on-line system IS MANDATORY for each round of competition (see table below) and payment MUST be made at the time of registration or in person prior to the commencement of the event *. The online report produced from Fox Sports Pulse just prior to a team departing will become the travelling manifest list. If a player's name is not on the list (which indicates that payment hasn't been made) then the player doesn't get to travel.

*Payments can only be made at the time of registration through the on-line system or in person at the Belconnen Basketball Stadium during business hours (Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm).

No other payment methods will be accepted. 






Training, Program Nomination & Admin Fee



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CPL Round 1


8-9 March 2014


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CPL Round 2


5-6 April 2014


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CPL Round 3


10-11 May 2014



CPL round 4


14-15 June 2014


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SJL Round 1


26-27 April 2014


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SJL Round 2


24-25 May 2014


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SJL Round 3


21-22 June 2014


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SJL Finals


26-27 July  2014


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CPL Finals


19-20 July 2014


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Congratulations to the following girls that have been selected to represent Canberra at the Australian U14 Girls Club Championships 2014.  

                        Sophie Adamson                   Wests Magpies
                        Kristiana Colton                     Ginninderra Rats
                        Sarah Cooper                         Ginninderra Rats
                        Kassidy Fox                             Ginninderra Rats
                        Gabby Jarvis                           Wests Magpies
                        Zoe Kershaw                          Ginninderra Rats
                        Clare Newton                         Wests Magpies
                        Zoe Ramshaw                         Weston Creek Woden Dodgers
                        Alicia Rhodes                         Ginninderra Rats
                        Mikala Williams                     Wests Magpies

Reserves:  Izabel Colton (Ginninderra Rats), Isabella Volk-Loone (Radford) and Sophie Anderson (Ginninderra Rats)

Next training session:  Saturday 8:30am at the AIS Training Hall. 



 Canberra U14 Girls Representative Squad 2014

 Congratulations to the following girls that have been selected in the Representative Squad to prepare for the Australian U14 Girls Club Championships in Brisbane from 29 September.   The final team will be named in the next two weeks.  The reserves will be encouraged to continue training with the Squad, both for their own development and in case of injuries. 


Sophie Adamson                     Wests Magpies
Sophie Anderson                     Ginninderra Rats
Izabel Colton                          Ginninderra Rats
Kristiana Colton                      Ginninderra Rats 
 Sarah Cooper                          Ginninderra Rats
 Kassidy Fox                           Ginninderra Rats 
 Gabby Jarvis                          Wests Magpies 
 Zoe Kershaw                          Ginninderra Rats 
 Clare Newton                         Wests Magpies
 Zoe Ramshaw                        Weston Creek Woden Dodgers
 Alicia Rhodes                         Ginninderra Rats
 Isabella Volk-Loone                Radford College 
  Mikala Williams                      Wests Magpies


Staff:  Coach Paula Jansen; Assistant Coach Phil Cole; and Manager Fiona Wright

Note:  Training starts this week and there are extended sessions for our first weekend: 
Tuesday, 29th July 6-8pm at Tuggeranong (be there by 5:40pm for a team meeting);
Saturday 8:30am-1:00pm and Sunday 10:00-11:30am at the AIS Training Hall. 
More details about the Championships and a full Program schedule will be sent out.

Thank you to all the girls that have participated in the Development Program for 2014.

Paula Jansen







Download the latest training calendar (as at 5 April 2014)